Scooter´s und Emely´s Welpen sind alle vergeben!

Ch. Creekwater Surf Scooter
CH. Carpenny Scenario
Rockledge Wordsmith of Carpenny
CH. Carpenny Walpole
Rockledge Bramble
Sh. CH. Carpenny Whist
Haksmoors Webster
Sh. CH.Carpenny Rustina
CH. Creekwater Birdie
CH. Arnold of Clay Diggers
Ch. Fogel Hlara Forever Youn
Ch. Fogel Halra Yesterday
CH. Creekwater Bluebird
Foulby Regan
Creekwater Dashing Dana
Int.Ch. Black Pearls of Mainhatten Lady Gucci
Biss Ch. Lubberline Pumpernickle
Ch.Hunt Club Clayview Brown Derby
Hunt Club Clayview Eli
Hunt Club Clayview Burut Toast
Lubberline Chocolate Factory
Epochs Edward at Bona Ventura
Lubberline Becket
Vet.Ch.Linjor United Colours
Ch.Tabatha´s Chivalry over to Linjor
Ch.Tabatha´s Knight
Ch.Tabatha´s Frazzle
April Song with Linjor of Hanging Rock
Strongline´s Insider
Lili Marlene